startups & investors.

The project aim is to create a cross-border business partnerships and develop a network of products and services from early stage startups within information technology and more specifically cleantech, where sustainability relevance is the driving force.

At a initial stage the plan is to map all the startups in the nordics to have a general overview and the same time create a network of investors that match this early-stage companies or advanced business ideas with an actual MVP.

The project involves, among other things, advanced research, demonstrations and pilot developments, as well as full-scale technology solutions. The project aims to provide sustainable growth in the region but at the same time real connections between individuals and businesses to create more jobs and growing companies, more commercially viable products and services. It will strengthen collaboration between startups, investors, community, regions and industry.

The focus of the project lies mainly on emerging markets, but this will also lead to greater business collaboration between us.

Feel free to get in touch and connect to start and build something big.